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Core Technology
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Electric Heating Pad
Heats piglet abdomen and reduces incidence of piglet diarrhea. 70%+ less power consumption than heat lamps
Electronic Sow Feeding System (ESF)
The ESF system is not only a customized automatic feeding system but also a sow management system. It utilizes the life-cycle management of each sow from backup management, breeding, gestation, farrowing, rebreeding to culling
Growth and Marketing Sorting System (GMS)
GMS system can provide comprehensive feeding management for large groups of finishing pigs
Feed Intake Growth Recorder (FIGR)
FIGR automatically records feed intake and daily weight for breeding pigs’ genetic assessment. It also tracks pig growth performance for feed, drug, and vaccine selection
Feed Line Control Technology
Each house's feed consumption tracking and management can be done automatically
Climate Control Technology
Bring the optimal climate to pigs using intelligent remote monitoring, ensuring the ambient temperature, humidity, and ammonia level are up to standard