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Research & Development
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Product Core Values —— RDES
Our R&D team always strikes for a better product, surpassing foreign standards
Equipped with the advanced production management system, sharpened tools, and the strictest quality control systems, our products are guaranteed to meet the RDES standards
We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive service support, from onsite installation, and guidance to other training. Once you choose Comax, we will always be there for you
Technology In Development
Pig Farm Intelligent Management Platform
Comax's platform is an incredible fusion of precision, digital, and intelligent pig production management software.
Stone Series 60-inch Ventilation Fan
It will be the largest pig house fan in China, large air volume, study and durable
Comax Precision Feeding System
Ensures that each sow receives the precise amount of feed, which is customized based on its condition. All data is apparent to your eye, helping you reduce cost and make all kinds of rational decisions.
Third Generation of Controller-SN
Users can check and adjust the pig farm microclimate by smart devices to reduce human intervention and improve efficiency.