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Plan & Design
Whether your goal is multi-story farms or flat house farms, we will design an ideal plan to adapt to the local environment, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Comax Design-Build services cover site selection, design and construction. We will save you time, effort, cost and help your business meet future development trends.
Design Team
Comax's designers, engineers, and consultants originate from top university and research programs. Members included First Class registered structural engineers, civil engineers, architectural engineers, project managers, and supervisors.
EPC Design
Comax has designed and undertaken many pig farm EPC projects with a combined capacity of 300,000+ sows in the past 6 years
A few hallmark milestones:
Three-week batch production farms with combined capacity of 60,000+ sows
Wean-to-finish farms producing a combined 2,400,000+ finished pigs per year
Integrated multi-story pig farm with an annual output of 500,000 pigs
Positive-pressure boar and gilt development farms